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Yellr Server

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This is the server and admin component of the Yellr application

Setting up the moderator dev environment.

To make our moderator site you must have npm, bower, grunt, and ruby (for SASS compilation), installed. These instructions assume that you’re using bash.


    sudo apt-get update
    # This installs [nvm]( which is a node version manager
    wget -qO- | bash
    # installs v0.10.24 of node
    nvm install v0.10.24
    nvm use v0.10.24
    # installs bower and grunt which is used for javascript make
    npm install -g bower
    npm install -g grunt-cli
    # ruby is used for sass compilation
    sudo apt-get install ruby
    sudo gem install sass

Once the you have all of those, simply run make to compile all of the frontend dependencies and if you’re going to do development, run make dev to have grunt also watch all of your javascript and SASS files for changes.

git clone
cd yellr-server
make clean
make dev

Getting server configured

Prior to getting your server started make sure you setup your own virtual environment and then run these commands.

cd yellr-serv/
$VENV/bin/python develop
$VENV/bin/initialize_yellr-serv_db development.ini
sqlite3 yellr-serv.sqlite < ./zipcodes/insert_zips_sqlite.sql

Note: there is a seperate zipcode sql file for production (postgresql server) called insert_zips.sql.

You will also need to install the ImageMagick tools.


sudo apt-get install imagemagick


sudo yum install imagemagick


go here for instructions:

Once imagemagick is installed, and you have configured you environment, you can run the development server:

$VENV/bin/pserve development.ini

Running the server

Once you have done everything above, you can run the server with the following

cd yellr-server
cd yellr-serv
pserve developmentini

And that's it!

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