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Plugin for Squeezebox Server to monitor for changes to the music library directly and avoid the need to manual rescan your music collection.
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This file contains very brief instructions on how to install and activate
this plugin on Squeezebox Server.

1. Make sure you're running Linux, and you've enabled inotify support within
your kernel.

2. Make sure you are running Squeezebox Server 7.7 or later - this plugin does
not support earlier versions.

3. Make sure you have Linux::Inotify2 installed in your Perl installation (it's
available through CPAN). I developed and tested this with Linux::Inotify2-1.1.

4. Extract the tar file (being sure to preserve the paths in the tar file), and
copy the resulting AutoRescan directory to your Squeezebox Server plugins
directory. The actual installation location differs depending on the Linux
distribution in usem, but it's likely to be something like:

5. Restart Squeezebox Server to make sure it has seen the new plugin.
How to do this differs depending on your Linux distribution, but will be
something like the command '/etc/init.d/squeezeboxserver restart'. Alternatively,
just reboot the server.

6. Make sure the plugin is present and enabled on the 'Server Settings/Extras'
page on the Squeezebox Server web interface.

7. Examine and alter the plugin's settings on the 'Server Settings/Advanced'
page on the Squeezebox Server. However, the default settings should be fine.


1. Check you've got inotify supper enabled in your Linux kernel.
@@TODO: Make sure /proc/sys/fs/inotify exists (indicates INotify compiled in)@@

2. Check you've got Linux::Inotify2 installed in your perl distribution.
@@HOWTO check@@
@@HOWTO install@@

Must be running the ActiveState perl version (ie run directly).

Copyright © Stuart Hickinbottom 2007-2014
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