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An Alexa skill which helps you locate your stuff around your home
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Gotcha find ’em all !


Stuffer helps users keep track of their belongings in an intelligent way. Simply ask Alexa to make note of an item and when prompted later, it would inform the user of the same.

Stuffer keeps track of all item's location stored in its database. When activated,

  • Stuffer asks the user what (item’s name) and where (location’s name) to store.
  • Users can also password protect their storage details.
  • A user can retrieve the location of a stored item at a later stage by prompting Stuffer for the same.
  • Stuffer by default considers the previous workspace (in terms of location) of the user as the current workspace.
  • A user can shift to another workspace, by specifying it explicitly to Stuffer.
  • With Stuffer it is also possible to maintain a checklist of items for a particular event (specify event’s name). On the day of the event, the user can ask Stuffer to remind him of all the items he requires for a particular event along with their location.

Multiple edge cases would occur in the implementation of such a Skill. However, all these cases have been taken care of


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Checkout out guidelines here.


Apache 2.0 License

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