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minii Core

minii - mini Yii

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Minii is not another framework - it's a testing playground.

General goals:

  • split framework into components
  • less specific dependencies, remove:
    • fxp/composer-asset-plugin (used hiqdev/composer-asset-plugin instead)
    • require Yii.php
  • more PSR compatibility: PSR-3 and so on
  • easier creation of console only applications


  • splitted to parts: core, console, caching, i18n, web, mail, ...
  • no more composer global require fxp/composer-asset-plugin, used hiqdev/composer-asset-plugin
  • no more require __DIR__ . '/../../vendor/yiisoft/yii2/Yii.php', done with composer
  • no more classes.php, done with composer
  • working for console apps
  • compatible with PHAR packaging

Changes to PR to yii2:

  • PHAR compatibility

Changes to think of:

  • move helpers into other components:
    • Console to yii2-console
    • Html, Url to yii2-web
    • ArrayHelper, StringHelper, Inflector to ???
    • Markdown to yii2-markdown
    • VarDumper to yii2-debug
    • ...
  • drop yii\mail\BaseMailer dependency on yii\web\View for it could be used for console only apps
  • PSR-3 logging, remove log from core

To do:

  • try split tests into components
  • much more...


The preferred way to install this library is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require "minii/core"

or add

"minii/core": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json.


This project is released under the terms of the BSD-3-Clause license. Read more here.

Copyright © 2015-2016, HiQDev (