[DEVELOPMENT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED] MMDAI was a fork project of MMDAgent and VPVM a.k.a. MMDAI2 was an application to create a motion compatible with MMD for OSX/Linux that is extended from MMDAI
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VPAPI 0.34.2 Apr 6, 2014
docs 0.34.0 Mar 8, 2014
libvpvl build tweaks for MSVC Mar 17, 2013
libvpvl2 fixed an unexpected rendering bug when material is invisible Apr 5, 2014
obsoletes moved QMA1 and VPVM (0.30) is now moved to obsoletes Aug 30, 2013
scripts skip motion warning when model is loaded from out of application Mar 4, 2013
AUTHORS.md added links to each Twitter accounts Nov 18, 2011
README.md update README.md and this will be final commit. May 10, 2016


The development of MMDAI/VPVM has been discontinued.

If you find the alternative of MMDAI/VPVM, it will be nanoem. (Japanese page)