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HKU Expertise Centre Creative Technology

Experimenting with technology in the context of art and creativity.

Popular repositories

  1. Unity client implementation for the NatNet2OSCBridge. Supports Rigidbodies & Skeletons (specifically in "Full Skeleton" mode).

    C# 16 5

  2. An example of a LSTM neural network implementation to generate text on a word-for-word basis using tensorflow and keras. Based on a keras example.

    Python 15 8

  3. Set of wrapper classes for the Microsoft HoloToolkit for Unity & HoloLens

    C# 3

  4. Custom version of Unity interactive 360 example for use with monoscopic 360 content for VR

    C# 3

  5. "Extended nodal actor framework based on zactor"

    C 3 4

  6. Forked from davidjonas/MoCap

    Exploration of motion capture using a OptiTrack NatNet system

    HTML 2



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