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When you build something bigger than a toy demo with Web Audio API, being able to test and verify is crucial. Canopy provide you with visual tools for prototyping, testing and verification for Web Audio development.

What does it do?

Canopy is a collection of Web Audio API development tools featuring:

  • Interactive Waveform inspector with seamless zoom in/out.
  • Interactive audiograph visualization.
  • Web Audio API code editor with
    • Auto completion
    • Gist integration
    • Embedded AudioContext configuration
  • Ranged playback with looping.
  • Download rendered audio as 16-bit WAV file.

How did you do?

For the most part, Canopy is built with Spiral and Polymer. Also a bit of snippets from WAAX as well.

Aw snap!

Canopy currently works on Chrome and Edge. I will resolve the compatibility issue in the near future. Better yet, if you have the fix for other browsers, feel free to submit a PR!

Got things to say?

Please use GitHub issue tracker for any feedback or question. For informal shout out, simply tweet me!


The MIT License. Copyright (c) 2015 - 2016 Hongchan Choi.