Bash script that finds a GitHub user's email address based on username
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Find the email address of any GitHub user

It's a well-known fact (or at least it should be) that everything you push to a public GitHub repository is public. This includes a lot of information other than just source files. Since both Git and GitHub require you to provide an email address, it should be no surprise that this information is public as well. FindGitHubEmail (catchy title, I know) is a simple script that queries the GitHub API and guesses a given user's email address based on their public activity. The script is a bit of a hack; sorry if your eyes are bleeding.

FindGitHubEmail makes it easy to get in contact with open source developers. Please use it for good, not evil.


Run this:

git clone ~/FindGitHubEmail
bash ~/FindGitHubEmail/findGitHubEmail hodgesmr

If you're not looking for me, replace hodgesmr with another GitHub user.

The above will return the best guess of the email based on the user's event log.

Print all emails in the user's event log: findGitHubEmail -e hodgesmr

Or cross-check the discovered emails with the user's Gravatar ID: findGitHubEmail -g hodgesmr

A Matt Hodges project

This project is maintained by @hodgesmr.