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Casino Simulator
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Casino Simulator
:Author:    Michael Holm Kristensen
:Date:      2011-08-06
:Revision:  2

What is this?
This is an american roulette simulator to find out the odds to win the biggest pods.

You might have read a lot of pages about "Ohh.. i just won so and so much on the roulette.. and blah blah blah..", i just tried, i thought it could be funny, so i decided to give them some money and give it a try.. That was stupid..!

So i made this tool to simulate how i can get the best return of my money :)

I read some articles on the internet about this smart system:

Basic roulette rules, play on red or black and get your bet twice the bet back.

Now let say your put 10 coins on red, and the roulette turns out to be black.

Simply raise your bet to 20, and now you have spent a total amount of 30 coins, and if the roulette turns out to be red you win 40 coins, which is still a win on 10 coins. If the roulette turns out to be black, will then double again and you will sooner or later win the pot..

Well thats the theory, now i made this simulator to try this technic practically, so you will have a great too to test all the stories on the internet, it actually seems like you can make money if you play the game right..


Well there is included a tool to check requirements, just download the package and run the command:


it will print you a detailed view if anything does work as expected.

Afterwards install dependencies:

  ./bin/vendors install

And you are ready to go.

How to use?
Its pretty easy to use this tool, simply:

Download the package, its a default symfony installation:

  tar xzf casim.tgz
  cd casim
  chmod -R 777 app/logs app/cache
  php app/console casim:simulate

It will generate a run with some default data, you should try to run:

  php app/console casim:simulate --help

here you can read all about the options for the utils..

Let me give you a quick example of how to use this software:

  php app/console casim:simulate --cash 5000 --spin 200000 --start_sequence 3 --max_bet 50

In this example i will tell the script that:

  - i will start with 5000 coins
  - i will simulate 200.000 spins in the roulette
  - i will start betting after 3 sequencial colors (red or black)
  - i will drop betting if my about reaches 50 coins

Try it on you own, it might be a tool that can help you become rich fast and easy :p

I cannot find any way you can win your money back garantied, so all you read about the roulette is properly scam :)

Risk and legal
I really dont know if this kind of software is okay to use on sites, so use it 100% at your own risk.
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