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NixOS && Holochain
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Base Holochain development environment & tooling.

NixOS derivation based. Usable in every nix compatible environment.

Linux & Mac OS X run nix-shell natively. Get it from

Windows et. al. can use docker or vagrant to get a nix VM.

  • docker hub coords: holochain/holochain-rust
  • vagrant box url:

See the holochain-rust repository for docker/vagrant examples.


Holonix provides an extensible and standard dev environment for:

  • Installing dependencies
  • Running tests
  • Building wasm
  • Building binaries
  • Implementing CI scripts
  • Conductor management
  • Installing situational tooling (e.g. cargo-edit for versioning)
  • Release management, automation and deploying official binaries
  • BAU automation and reporting tasks
  • Downloading prebuilt official binaries from github
  • Managing and updating binaries across official releases

Why nix?

Nix approach offers unique benefits:

  • Dependencies are injected into a single shell session only
    • Minimal modifications to the host environment
    • No need to maintain/rerun/troubleshoot installation scripts
    • Further isolation from host environment can be achieved with nix-shell --pure
  • Dependencies are hashed
    • "Dependency hell" is avoided
    • Nice parallels with Holochain's hashed zomes model
    • Security + reliability benefits
  • Dependencies can be garbage collected with the nix-collect-garbage command
  • Single "package manager" across most operating systems
  • Ability to ship utility scripts in the shell.nix file
  • Access to the nix functional programming language for dependencies/script management
    • Allows for a structured approach to coding the ops infrastructure
    • Makes modern programming paradigm such as immutability, scopes, data structures, etc. in the ops tooling as opposed limitations and lack of expressivity of Bash/Makefile/etc.
  • NixOS runs on HoloPorts so nix-shell provides similar behaviour/environment
    • Everything is pinned to the same nix channel and commit

And other benefits:


The structure of our nix derivations is designed to be as modular as possible.

The folder structure is something like:

 |  |_test
 |  | |_default.nix
 |  |_...
 |  |_default.nix
 | |_nixpkgs.nix
 | |_flush
 | | |_default.nix
 | |_default.nix

The default.nix file is used by nix-shell automatically. This consumes holonix/** and provides several new derivations.

  • main: used to construct the development environment in the nix shell
  • holochain.hc: used to install latest hc binary with nix-env
  • holochain.holochain: used to install latest holochain binary with nix-env

e.g. install binaries globally with:

nix-env -f -iA holochain.hc holochain.holochain

Contributions and extension

Holonix is designed to be used as a base layer and extended in other repos.

See holochain-rust for examples.

There are a few basic conventions to follow:

  • Nest folders according to theme/tech/specificity
    • e.g. conductor management for conductor x sits under conductor/x/**
  • All configuration strings and other primitives sit in a local config.nix
    • this is not a function it should be a constant set
    • use it with import ./config.nix and merge with returned vals
  • Structure configuration as nested rather than foo-bar
  • All used and generated inputs to build the nix derivations sit in a local default.nix
    • default.nix files should "bubble up" to the root one level at a time
      • e.g. default.nix imports conductor/default.nix imports conductor/node/default.nix
    • root default.nix should only aggregate one level deeper derivations
    • use the nix convention pointing to the folder for callPackage and import
  • Scripts for foo binaries sit in named default.nix files under thing/foo/default.nix
    • There is standard boilerplate for this, see an existing file for examples
    • Use pkgs.writeShellScriptBin by default
    • derived nix CLI commands are named following the path
      • e.g. holonix/foo/bar/baz/default.nix becomes hn-foo-bar-baz
  • Put functions for builds in lib.nix files
    • e.g. holonix/dist/lib.nix
  • Try not to stutter file names or commands
  • Use x/y/z/install/default.nix for scripts that install things outside of what nix manages
    • Try to minimise use of additional install scripts, nix should handle as much as possible.
    • e.g. cargo installs things to the user's home directory
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