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  • Cycle accurate cross platform Nintendo NES emulator for Win32/Linux/OSX
  • Copyright 2013 James Holodnak
  • Visit the official website at

Building with make

A few compile time options are available, they are listed below.

  • CPU_UNDOC - Enable the undocumented opcodes.
  • QUICK_SPRITES - Use the fast sprite code.

All of these are currently enabled by default.

The build target is automatically determined by the makefile. Linux/OSX must use the SDL library. For Win32 just specify USESDL=0 on the command line to build the Win32 API version. Here are some example command lines for building:

To build using the default options and autodetect your OS.


For building the Win32 API version.

make USESDL=0

Enabling the undocumented opcodes.

make CPU_UNDOC=1

Forcing to build on a specific OS.


Building on forced Win32, undocument opcodes and fast sprites enabled.


Basic Usage

Just run it like this:

./nesemu2 <ines/ines 2.0/unif/fds file>

The Win32 API target operates like a standard Win32 program. Use File -> Open.

Configuration Files

The program will search for configuration files to use. It looks for it like this:

  1. Check the current working directory for nesemu2.cfg
  2. If the HOME environment variable is set, it tries ~/.nesemu/nesemu2.cfg
  3. (Win32 only) Check the directory the .exe is stored in.

If it is not found, it creates it in:

  • Win32: The same directory as the executable.
  • Linux/OSX: The users home directory (~/.nesemu/nesemu2.cfg)

If you do not like any of these locations, you can use --config as a command line parameter.

Subtrees in the Code

To update the subtrees use the following commands:

git fetch slre master
git subtree pull --prefix source/misc/slre slre master --squash

These will update slre to the latest version.


Thanks goes out to the following groups/individuals:

  • the #nesdev irc channel.
  • the nesdev wiki and message boards.
  • Martin Freij for Nestopia's great mapper reference.
  • Quietust for Nintendulator, sound code was based upon his.
  • Quietust for Nintendulator, zapper code based upon his.
  • SDLMAME project, sdl sound code is ripped directly from it.
  • SLRE at
  • r0ni for giving me access to an OSX machine.