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Default Hoodie app

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Tracker is a simple Hoodie app, meant to be a starting point to play and build with Hoodie. Find the repository on GitHub.


Tracker needs node >=4. To see which version you have installed, run

node -v


git clone
cd hoodie-app-tracker
npm install --production

Start server with

npm start

Optional: Setup email for password reset

If you want to use the password reset feature, you must configure an email account to send out notification, like a Google Mail account. Edit the .hoodierc file, the options are passed to nodemailer.createTransport()

cp .hoodierc-example .hoodierc


You can find a detailed instruction here.


hoodie-app-tracker is work in progress. The goal is to have a simple application with very clear and easy to understand HTML / CSS / JS code which ideally uses no 3rd party code at all, besides the Hoodie client.

If you want to contribute to the frontend assets, you can simply open the project folder and edit the files in the public/ folder.


Install devDependencies by running npm install without --production

npm install

Then run tests with

npm test

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