WSDL2Go code generation as well as its SOAP proxy
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WSDL to Go

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Generates Go code from a WSDL file.


  • Download binary release
  • Download and build locally: go get
  • Install from Homebrew: brew install gowsdl


  • Generate idiomatic Go code as much as possible
  • Support only Document/Literal wrapped services, which are WS-I compliant
  • Support:
    • WSDL 1.1
    • XML Schema 1.0
    • SOAP 1.1
  • Resolve external XML Schemas
  • Support external and local WSDL


  • Please keep in mind that the generated code is just a reflection of what the WSDL is like. If your WSDL has duplicated type definitions, your Go code is going to have the same and may not compile.


Usage: gowsdl [options] myservice.wsdl
  -o string
        File where the generated code will be saved (default "myservice.go")
  -p string
        Package under which code will be generated (default "myservice")
  -i    Skips TLS Verification
  -v    Shows gowsdl version