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Pleasure is Just a Tap Away - Zak

This is a custom build of osu!lazer that includes a custom mod for support!

To use, make sure intiface is running and you have a device connected, then enable the Toy mod in mods menu, and your motor is revved and VROOOM VROOOM AWOOOOOOGAHHH HUFFA HUFFA WAOOOOOOOOO

(Disclaimer: Please do not use this mod while accessing public game servers with unsuspecting players. This is meant for single player and/or matched play with consenting participants. Thank you!)


If you are running Intiface on a different port or want to use a different address entirely, you can change the address in Settings under Toy > Intiface. If the game is already connected to an existing Intiface, you will need to restart for the change to take effect.

Mod Config

This mod has a few config settings, and a few of them aren't super clear on what they do, so I'll document them here:

  1. Motor Speed Max - The max speed all motors will be limited to. As you might expect, 1=100%, 0=0%.
  2. Combo Factor Max - Sets the percentage of the total notes that will be used as the basis for full motor power on all combo motors. For example, a value of 0.3, the default, will result in full motor power when 30% of the max notes in the song are in a combo. This is so that you can modulate the power based on how good you are at osu and what level of combo you can actually sustain.
  3. Motor N Behavior - Sets the motor behavior to one of the below modes:
    • Do Nothing - This mode means that no data will be sent to that motor.
    • Bind to Health - The higher the health, the faster the motor. This is on an x^4 curve because I thought that would be fun.
      • Invert - The lower the health, the faster the motor. Makes failing fun!!
    • Bind to Combo - The higher the combo, the faster the motor, until you hit the limit created by the Combo Factor Max and the current song.
      • Invert - The lower the combo, the faster the motor. Makes failing fun, in a more differenter way.
    • Bind to Accuracy - The higher the accuracy, the faster the motor.
      • Invert - The lower the acc, the faster the motor. Makes failing fun, in an even more differenter way.
    • Bind to Hit - Every time you hit a note, it sends a pulse to the toy that lasts for a short time. This is really WIP so don't use yet, and it might be really bad because the Bluetooth latency might be really noticeable
      • Invert - Vibrates on misses instead of hits. Makes failing fun, in an even super more differenter way.
    • I was really dumb with the names of these, Motor 1 Behavior corresponds to motor ID 0. I'm tired rn and will fix it later, fuck you.

(I tried to put these in the game, but while the settings entries have a description option, the game doesn't seem to do anything with that for some stupid reason?)


This has update checking built in! It does not, however, update itself yet. We're working on that, but for now, you'll get a notification in-game with a link to the new release.


Multi-device support is not good rn. Basically, it will run all connected devices, but the Motor 0s of each device will all be on the same setting. The good thing is that calling a motor beyond what a device is setup for has no consequences, so it's fine if multiple devices have different numbers of motors, but like I said they can't be configured independently.

I wrote this readme very late at night so if this doesn't make sense yell at me and I'll re-write it later (or you can!)