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Angular 2 HN

A progressive Hacker News client built with Angular

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Fast: Service Worker App Shell + Dynamic Content model to achieve faster load times with and without a network.

📱 Responsive: Completely responsive UI that can be installed to your mobile home screen to provide a native feel.

🚀 Progressive: Lighthouse score of 87/100.

Mobile Preview

Laptop Preview

Offline Support

This app uses Workbox to generate a service worker as part of the build step to load quickly and work offline.


With Chromium based browsers for Android (Chrome, Opera, etc...), Angular 2 HN includes a Web App Manifest that allows you to install to your homescreen.


Built in theme engine!

Current themes:

  • Default
  • Night
  • Black (AMOLED)

More to come!

Areas of improvement

  • Realtime updating using the Firebase SDK (may need to add option to settings so service worker can still rely on REST endpoints)
  • Server side rendering

Feel free to send me feedback on twitter or file an issue! Feature requests are always welcome.

Build process

Note: This project has been ejected (with AOT + production settings) in order to customize Webpack configurations.

  • Clone or download the repo
  • npm install
  • npm start to run the application with webpack-dev-server or npm build to kick off a fresh build and update the output directory (dist/)

Note: Any Service Worker changes will not be reflected when you run the application locally in development. To test service worker changes:

  • npm build
  • npm run precache to generate the service worker file
  • npm run static-serve to load the application along with the service worker asset using live-server


A million thanks to some awesome people :)