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Code for ACL 2018 paper "Double Embeddings and CNN-based Sequence Labeling for Aspect Extraction"
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Code for our ACL 2018 paper "Double Embeddings and CNN-based Sequence Labeling for Aspect Extraction"

Problem to Solve

Label "The retina display is great ." as "O B I O O O" so to extract "retina display" as an aspect. Check this article for aspect-based sentiment analysis or this for domain representation learning.


All code are tested under python 3.6.2 + pytorch 0.2.0_4

Steps to Run Code

Step 1: Download general embeddings (GloVe: ), save it in data/embedding/gen.vec

Step 2: Download Domain Embeddings (You can find the link under this paper's title in ), save them in data/embedding

Step 3: Download and install fastText ( to fastText/

Step 4: Download official datasets to data/official_data/

Download official evaluation scripts to script/

We assume the following file names.

SemEval 2014 Laptop (




SemEval 2016 Restaurant (




Step 5: Run to build numpy files for general embeddings and domain embeddings.

python script/

Step 6: Fill in out-of-vocabulary (OOV) embedding

./fastText/fasttext print-word-vectors data/embedding/laptop_emb.vec.bin < data/prep_data/laptop_emb.vec.oov.txt > data/prep_data/laptop_oov.vec

./fastText/fasttext print-word-vectors data/embedding/restaurant_emb.vec.bin < data/prep_data/restaurant_emb.vec.oov.txt > data/prep_data/restaurant_oov.vec

python script/

Step 7: Train the laptop model

python script/

Train the restaurant model

python script/ --domain restaurant 

Step 8: Evaluate Laptop dataset

python script/

Evaluate Restaurant dataset

python script/ --domain restaurant 


If you find our code useful, please cite our paper.

  author    = {Xu, Hu and Liu, Bing and Shu, Lei and Yu, Philip S.},
  title     = {Double Embeddings and CNN-based Sequence Labeling for Aspect Extraction},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics},
  publisher = {Association for Computational Linguistics},
  year      = {2018}
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