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Redis storage module for Botkit
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A redis storage module for Botkit


Just require botkit-storage-redis and pass it your config options (or none if your cool with defaults). Then pass the returned storage when creating your Botkit controller. Botkit will do the rest!

Make sure everything you store has an id property, that's what you'll use to look it up later.

var Botkit = require('botkit'),
    redisConfig = {...}
    redisStorage = require('botkit-storage-redis')(redisConfig),
    controller = Botkit.slackbot({
        storage: redisStorage
// then you can use the Botkit storage api, make sure you have an id property
var beans = {id: 'cool', beans: ['pinto', 'garbanzo']};;
beans ='cool');


You can pass any options that are allowed by node-redis.

Additionally you can pass a namespace property which is used to namespace keys in Redis. namespace defaults to botkit:store.

You can also pass a methods property which is an array of additional custom methods you want to add. The default methods are teams, users, and channels.

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