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Reporting issues

Want to report a bug or suggest a feature? Great, go ahead! To make issue managing easier, please try to follow the guidelines below.


Please search for duplicates to your issue first. Of course, this is not always easy because it's not everyone who use the same wording for the same problems, but still, please try :)


For most issues, the guideline is simply to have a descriptive title. For "crash issues" (issues that you create because you got a traceback), use the last line of the traceback as a title (example).


There are 3 kinds of labels in the issue system, issue types, workflow status, UI scope.

Issue types

  • bug: The issue describe a behavior that was never intended and that shouldn't happen.
  • feature: The issue describe a behavior that isn't present yet but that we wish would be.
  • docs: The issue describe an improvement to make to the documentation.

Workflow status

  • ready: This issue is ready for implementation. For a feature, that means that we have a clear specification of what to do. For a bug, that means that we have clear steps to reproduce.
  • mentored: This ticket is seen as a good introductory task (that is, it should be relatively easy to complete). If you're interested getting involved in the project, it's likely a good place to start. If you need guidance, don't hesitate call for mentors in the New Contributor issue.
  • hold: Some external feedback is needed to either continue working on the issue, or to close it. Most of the time, it's a bug that can't be reproduced. It needs more details from people who experience the bug so it can be reproduced.

If there aren't any workflow status tag, it means that the issue is still in "discussion" mode and not yet ready to implement (or that it's ready, but we forgot to add the "ready" tag...).

UI Scope

Some issues affect only a subset of all supported UI platforms. In these case, we'll indicate it by applying these tags below.

  • qt: This issue affects the Qt UI layer.
  • cocoa: This issue affects the Cocoa UI layer.
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