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Geospatial metadata catalogue and metadata editing tool.


  • OGC CSW 2.0.2 ISO AP 1.0
  • ISO 19115/19119/19139
  • Feature Catalogue - ISO 19110
  • INSPIRE extended capabilities
  • Output: ISO 19139, JSON, GeoDCAT, ATOM, KML, HTML, RDFa
  • INSPIRE ATOM download service imlementation
  • Support for remote registries and thesauri (e.g. INSPIRE registry)

System requirements

  • Any web server with mod_rewrite enabled
  • PHP 5.6.x with XSL extension
  • PostgreSQL >= 9.2
  • Composer ( - for installaton some components.


  1. Download the code from github and put to any directory at your web.
  2. Run composer install at this directory. (It will install Nette and other PHP components.)
  3. Create the database at your PostgreSQL database console or client tool.
  4. Create here the PostGIS extension (e.g. CREATE EXTENSION postgis; if not automatically created)
  5. Run SQL scripts located in install directory at PostgreSQL console or admin tool in numerical order (1 - 5).
  6. For creating fulltext search indexes in your language edit the install/fulltext.sql script and run it. (English is supported by default)
  7. Rename app/config/local.neon.dist to app/config/local.neon and edit it for access to your database, your contact information etc.
  8. Make the directories log and temp writable for the web server


In new versions the database structure may sometimes change. In mostly cases the data remains unchanged but update scripts should be run to change some tables. Update scripts are named u<update-date>_<table-name>.sql

Note: If updating, please delete all files under php/temp/cache directory.

User access

During installation these default users are created automatically:

  • admin (password = admin)
  • editor (password = editor)
  • reader (password = reader)

After installation you should login as admin and change the passwords and/or names on Administration / Rights management page.