Analyze and compare how long it takes for Github issues to be closed.
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This is a project for analyzing how long it takes for Github issues and pull requests to be closed.

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This project serves badges like so: : rails/rails : twbs/bootstrap

You can add ?style=flat to the url to get a flat badge: : nodejs/node

?style=flat-square is also available: : nodejs/node

You can also add ?concise=true to the URL to get a more concise version: (thanks to brettwooldridge): : nodejs/node


You can get JSON data for a given repository by appending ?format=json to a repository's Issue Stats URL:


Pull requests and issues are encouraged!

This is a Rails 4.1 project. You'll need Postgres and Redis on your machine.

To install:

git clone
cd issue_stats
bundle install
rake db:create
rake db:migrate
rake db:seed # enqueues a Sidekiq job

Running guard will start a few things:

  • rails at http://localhost:3006
  • a Sidekiq worker a concurrency of 1
  • an rspec auto-runner with guard-rspec

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