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This changelog mainly documented some major changes, updates or fixes (with credits) for reference purposes. It by no means covers all contributors. Nonetheless, to the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate all of your time and contributions.


  • Per PR #56, Gravatar pics can be used exclusively to .Site.Params.authorimage via the parameter

    • []
      	gravatar = ""
  • Fix Hugo demo (issue #53)

  • Fix mobile header (PR #51: credits to @gamingrobot)

  • Add Utterances comments (PR #50: credits to @gamingrobot)


  • Enable hyde-hyde to work directly with SCSSs instead of generated CSSs (PR #45: credits to @jd4no)
  • Patch potential vulnerabilities of target="_blank" (PR #48: credits to @gfrcsd)



Version 2.0

Version 1.0

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