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Surf the web

Built with 🌊 by The http-rs team

Surf the web - HTTP client framework

Surf is a Rust HTTP client built for ease-of-use and multi-HTTP-backend flexibility. Whether it's a quick script, or a cross-platform SDK, Surf will make it work.

  • Extensible through a powerful middleware system
  • Multiple HTTP back-ends that can be chosen
  • Reuses connections through a configurable Client interface
  • Fully streaming requests and responses
  • TLS enabled by default (native tls or rustls)
  • Built on async-std (with optional tokio support)


let mut res = surf::get("").await?;

It's also possible to skip the intermediate Response, and access the response type directly.


Both sending and receiving JSON is real easy too.

#[derive(Deserialize, Serialize)]
struct Ip {
    ip: String

let uri = "";
let data = &Ip { ip: "".into() };
let res = surf::post(uri).body_json(data)?.await?;
assert_eq!(res.status(), 200);

let uri = "";
let Ip { ip } = surf::get(uri).recv_json().await?;
assert!(ip.len() > 10);

And even creating streaming proxies is no trouble at all.

let req = surf::get("").await?;
let body = surf::http::Body::from_reader(req, None);
let res = surf::post("").body(body).await?;

Setting configuration on a client is also straightforward.

use std::convert::TryInto;
use std::time::Duration;
use surf::{Client, Config};
use surf::Url;

let client: Client = Config::new()

let mut res = client.get("/").await?;
println!("{}", res.body_string().await?);


The following features are available. The default features are curl-client, middleware-logger, and encoding

  • curl-client (default): use curl (through isahc) as the HTTP backend.
  • h1-client: use async-h1 as the HTTP backend with native TLS for HTTPS.
  • h1-client-rustls: use async-h1 as the HTTP backend with rustls for HTTPS.
  • hyper-client: use hyper ( as the HTTP backend.
  • wasm-client: use window.fetch as the HTTP backend.
  • middleware-logger (default): enables logging requests and responses using a middleware.
  • encoding (default): enables support for body encodings other than utf-8.


Install OpenSSL -

  • Ubuntu - sudo apt install libssl-dev
  • Fedora - sudo dnf install openssl-devel

Make sure your rust is up to date using: rustup update

With cargo add installed :

$ cargo add surf


This crate makes use of a single instance of unsafe in order to make the WASM backend work despite the Send bounds. This is safe because WASM targets currently have no access to threads. Once they do we'll be able to drop this implementation, and use a parked thread instead and move to full multi-threading in the process too.


Want to join us? Check out our "Contributing" guide and take a look at some of these issues:

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Special thanks to prasannavl for donating the crate name, and sagebind for creating an easy to use async curl client that saved us countless hours.


MIT OR Apache-2.0