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reimpliment of DFANet: Deep Feature Aggregation for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation
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This repo is an unofficial pytorch implementation of DFANet:Deep Feature Aggregation for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation


  • 2019.4.16 After 483 epoches it rases RuntimeError: value cannot be converted to type float without overflow: (9.85073e-06,-3.2007e-06).According to the direction of the stackoverflow the error can be fixed by modifying "self.scheduler.step()" to "self.scheduler.step(loss.cpu().data.numpy())" in

  • 2019.4.24 An function has been writed to load the pretrained model which was trained on imagenet-1k.The project of training the backbone can be Downloaded from here - Limited to my computing resources(only have one RTX2080),I trained the backbone on ILSVRC2012 with only 22 epochs.But it have a great impact on the results.

  • 2019.5.23 It's hard to improve the performance of the model.May be the model's details are different from the original paper's or the hyperparameters ....or the training strategy...or something else...


  • pytorch==1.0.0
  • python==3.6
  • numpy
  • torchvision
  • matplotlib
  • opencv-python
  • tensorflow
  • tensorboardX

Dataset and pretrained model

Download CityScape dataset and unzip the dataset into data folder.Then run the command 'python utils/' to create labels.

Train the network without pretrained model.

Modify your configuration in

run the command  'python'

curvs on CityScape set

To do

  • Train the backbone xceptionA on the ImageNet-1k.

  • Modify the network and improve the accuracy.

  • Debug and report the performance.

  • Schedule the lr

  • ...


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