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  1. nahmii-cli nahmii-cli Public

    CLI for interacting with the nahmii protocol

    JavaScript 6 1

  2. nahmii-sdk nahmii-sdk Public

    Javascript SDK for using the hubii nahmii APIs

    JavaScript 8

  3. nahmii-ethereum-address nahmii-ethereum-address Public

    A small utility class for parsing, validating and converting ethereum addresses

    JavaScript 2

  4. hubii-core hubii-core Public

    The home of hubii core (aka Omphalos UI), the reference desktop app for nahmii

    JavaScript 21 4

  5. nahmii-contracts nahmii-contracts Public

    Smart contracts for 1st generation Nahmii 2nd layer scaling solution for Ethereum

    JavaScript 16 12

  6. lottery-oracle-contracts lottery-oracle-contracts Public

    Smart contracts for the hubii Lottery Oracle

    JavaScript 5


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