HT Letterspacer is a tool for spacing fonts
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Huerta Tipográfica Letterspacer

HT Letterspacer is a tool for spacing fonts, that works on finished fonts as well as during development. The first public version works as a macro for Glyphs and uses that application's glyph categories and subcategories feature, but the method is adaptable to any editor or programming language.

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Change Log

Version 1.10

  • Copy parameters to clipboard (thanks mekkablue)
  • Robofab no longer required for drawing _areas
  • No more code repetition

Version 1.11

  • Code merged in one script file
  • createProofGlyph renamed to drawAreas
  • Fixed bug with empty tabular field
  • parameters can be float, tabular value is integer


tabVersion for suffixes:

  • This part is not working and returns error when .tf or .tosf is present
  • Suffixes intended to be tabular ('.tf', '.tosf', etc) need to be in a list in the initial config and not in the middle of the code
  • When the UI, if Tabular is activated it should change the boxes width even for glyphs with suffixes
  • TabVersion should be easily fixed from config, to work in monospaced fonts