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A tool for generating API documentation from Clojure source code.


Some examples of API docs generated by Codox in real projects:


Include the following plugin in your project.clj file or your global profile:

:plugins [[codox "0.6.4"]]

Or, if you're using a version of Leiningen prior to 1.7.0:

:dev-dependencies [[codox "0.6.4"]]

Then run:

lein doc

This will generate API documentation in the "doc" subdirectory.


By default Codox looks for source files in the src subdirectory, but you can change this by placing the following in your project.clj file:

:codox {:sources ["path/to/source"]}

To exclude a namespace, use the :exclude key:

:codox {:exclude my.private.ns}

Sequences work too:

:codox {:exclude [my.private.ns another.private.ns]

To include only one or more namespaces, set them with the :include key:

;; Again, a single symbol or a collection are both valid
:codox {:include library.core}
:codox {:include [library.core]}

To write output to a directory other than the default doc directory, use the :output-dir key:

:codox {:output-dir "doc/codox"}

To use a different output writer, specify the fully qualified symbol of the writer function in the :writer key:

:codox {:writer codox.writer.html/write-docs}

If you have the source available at a URI and would like to have links to the function's source file in the documentation, you can set the :src-dir-uri key:

:codox {:src-dir-uri ""}

Some code hosting sites, such as Github, set an anchor for each line of code. If you set the :src-linenum-anchor-prefix project key, the function's "Source" link will point directly to the line of code where the function is declared. This value should be whatever is prepended to the raw line number in the anchors for each line; on Github this is "L":

:codox {:src-dir-uri ""
        :src-linenum-anchor-prefix "L"}

Each of these keywords can be used together, of course.

Skipping Individual Functions

To force codox to skip an individual public var, add :no-doc true to the var's metadata. For example,

;; square show up in codox...
(defn square
  "Squares the supplied number."

;; but hidden-square won't.
(defn hidden-square
  "Squares the supplied number."
  {:no-doc true}
  (* x x))