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Human Protocol

Decentralized marketplaces for humans to contribute their reasoning, skills, and knowledge to help machines get things done

Human Protocol

To achieve all work on-chain, we have created a variety of tools. Here's a list of the most active places to get you caught up on the protocol


The best way to get a job on human is to do one of our open source challenges. You can apply for a job at

maintainer program


  1. .github .github Public

    Our public documentation and wiki repo

  2. hmt-basemodels hmt-basemodels Public

    Forked from hCaptcha/hmt-basemodels

    Basemodels for manifest data used by hmt-escrow

    Python 1 2

  3. human-protocol human-protocol Public

    Human Protocol python/js/ts Monorepo with example

    TypeScript 21 29


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