Set of small filters to facilitate better typography in Rails views. Based of typogrify and includes widon't and quotes. (svn import)
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This is a Ruby copy of Django's Typogrify filters:

Widont was coined by Shaun Inman:

widont_single is taken from <>

Also uses RubyPants Gems <> originally SmartyPants by John Gruber <>

A set of filters to provide typographical hooks to Rails views. Basically a Ruby port of the Typogrify template filters for Django.

I don't know much about Typography, but I do know that curly quotes look better than straight ones, that HTML entities look better than plain-text, and that Django users shouldn't have all the fun.

Included filters (filter name in parentheses):

* Widon't (*widont* also *widont_single* for one-line transformations)
* RubyPants (*rubypants* requires rubypants gem)
* Initial quotes wrapped in class='dquo' or class='quo' depending on if they are single or double (*initial_quotes*)
* Ampersands wrapped in class='amp' (*amp*)
* Multiple adjacent capital letters wrapped in class='caps' (*caps*)
* A do-all filter (*rubyshirt*)
* A do-all filter (*rubyoutfit* aliased as *t* to keep views clean) that runs *rubypants* and *rubyshirt* in that order
* A do-all filter that includes *rubyoutfit* and Rail's *h* function (*th*)

**To get it**, navigate to your Rails root directory

**To use it**, simply add the appropriate function name before your <%=  %> output  
(e.g. change <%= @article %> to <%= rubyshirt @article %>)

svn co vendor/plugins/typography_helper

If you have any suggestions or comments, let me know <>