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Python Script to access ATT&CK content available in STIX via a public TAXII server
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ATT&CK Python Client


A Python module to access up to date ATT&CK content available in STIX via public TAXII server. This project leverages the python classes and functions of the cti-python-stix2 and cti-taxii-client libraries developed by MITRE.


  • Provide an easy way to access and interact with up to date ATT&CK content available in STIX via public TAXII server
  • Allow security analysts to quickly explore ATT&CK content and apply it in their daily operations
  • Allow the integration of ATT&Ck content with other platforms to host up to date information from the framework
  • Help security analysts during the transition from the ATT&CK MediaWiki API to the STIX/TAXII 2.0 API
  • Learn STIX2 and TAXII Client Python libraries

Current Status: Beta

The project is currently in a beta stage, which means that the code and the functionality is changing, but the current main functions are stabilising. I would love to get your feedback to make it a better project.


Getting Started

Attackcti Docs


Python 3+


You can install it via PIP:

pip install attackcti

Or you can also do the following:

git clone
cd ATTACK-Python-Client
pip install .




  • Revokation logic to update Groups Objects
  • Integration with HELK
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