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Open tmux windows at the current file or project folder in Sublime Text
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Sublime tmux

Commands to open tmux windows at the current file or root project folder in Sublime Text.


Available as tmux on Package Control – install using the Package Control: Install Package command from the Command Palette. Alternatively, place this repository in your Packages/ directory.


For now, Sublime tmux requires a local tmux server to be running. In practice this means it will only run actions whilst you have an open tmux session in your terminal emulator.

Once installed, a number of tmux-related commands are available in the Command Palette, activated with Ctrl+Shift+P:

tmux commands in the Command Palette

If you wish to run these commands from your own keybinding, edit the config file under Preferences: Key Bindings, where they can be set along with any arguments.



Open a new tmux window at the directory of the current file.


Open a new tmux window at the current root project directory.

Command arguments

These properties may be set as part of the args object for any command.

Property Type Default Description
split string null If set, a new pane in the current window will be opened. The direction of the split can be set to either "horizontal" or "vertical" (default).

Package settings

Default, user-level and OS-specific settings files can be accessed under Preferences > Package Settings > tmux.

Property Type Default Description
arrange_panes_on_split bool|string false Set how the active window layout should be updated each time after opening a split pane. A value of "even" will evenly distribute all panes in the direction opened. "tiled" or true will distribute all panes as evenly as possible in both rows and columns. Leave false to take no action.
set_project_window_name bool true Set whether new windows created with open_tmux_project_folder should be created with their name set to that of the directory opened. This is useful to identify multiple window tabs across projects.


If you discover a problem or have a feature request, please create an issue or feel free to fork this repository and make improvements.

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