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Oct 27, 2020

UE4 Plugin: HotPatcher


HotPatcher is a tool for managing hot update versions and resource packaging. It is used to track changes in the original resources of the project version to create patches. Support resource version management, difference comparison and packaging between versions, support exporting basic package information for multiple platforms, easily cook and package multi-platform Patches, support iterative packaging, rich configuration options, full-featured commandlet support, can be combined with ci/cd platform is integrated.

The currently supported engine version is UE4.21-UE5EA (UE5 official version is not supported yet). I created a group to discuss UE4 hot update and HotPatcher plug-in issues (QQ group 958363331).

Plug-in documentation: UE4 resource hot update packaging tool HotPatcher

Video tutorial: UE4 hot update: HotPatcher plug-in tutorial

My UOD Hot Update Keynote Speech: Unreal Open Day2020 Unreal Engine 4 Full Platform Hot Update Solution | lipengzha

The series of UE4 hot update articles I wrote can be used as a reference for engineering practice:

Resource management framework based on HotPatcher

Application project

QQ Apex Legends Mobile MOSSAI

HotPatcher is used in a large number of UE projects and is currently the most popular hot update tool in the UE community.