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RTMP for Python
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RTMPy_ is a Twisted_ protocol implementing the Real Time Messaging Protocol
(RTMP_), used for streaming audio, video and data between the
`Adobe Flash Player`_ and a server.

As of 0.1, RTMPy provides a simple server architecture, something that will be
expanded on over the next coming releases.

Probably the simplest Python script to up and running:

.. code-block:: python

  import sys

  from twisted.internet import reactor
  from twisted.python import log

  from rtmpy import server

  app = server.Application()

  reactor.listenTCP(1935, server.ServerFactory({
      'live': app


The server framework is loosely based on the same design as the `FMS Server Side
ActionScript Language Reference`_. Specifically the `Application class`_,
`Client class`_ and `Stream class`_.

.. _RTMPy:	
.. _Twisted:
.. _RTMP:	
.. _Adobe Flash Player:
.. _FMS Server Side ActionScript Language Reference:
.. _Application class:
.. _Client class: 
.. _Stream class: 
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