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Project goal is to convert files from gettext to i18next json format and vice versa.


  1. first install node.js from
  2. npm install i18next-conv -g

For i18next < 2.0.0 use i18next-conv@1.11.0, for i18next < 3.0.0 use i18next-conv@2.6.1, for i18next < 12.0.0 use i18next-conv@<8.


convert .mo or .po to i18next json

in your console type:

for help:

i18next-conv -h

to convert a .mo or .po file to i8next json:

i18next-conv -l [locale] -s [sourcePath] -t [targetPath]

eg.: i18next-conv -l en -s ./locales/en.po -t ./locales/en/translation.json

if no target (-t) is specified file will be stored to [sourceDir]/[locale]/translation.json.

to convert i18next json to a .mo or .po file:

i18next-conv -l [locale] -s [sourcePath] -t [targetPath]

eg.: i18next-conv -l en -s ./locales/en.translation.json -t ./locales/en/ (or .po)

if no target (-t) is specified file will be stored to [sourceDir]/[locale]/translation.po.

for utf8-encoded po-files add these lines to your po file:

"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

It is necessary if you get corrupted output from the command above.

to filter incoming po-file translations, pass the path to a module that exports a filter function:

i18next-conv -l [locale] -s [sourcePath] -t [targetPath] -f [filterPath]

eg.: i18next-conv -l en -s ./locales/en.po -t ./locales/en/translation.json -f ./filter.js

The filter module should export a single function that accepts the gettext object, the locale and a callback as its arguments. For the full API of the gettext object, check node-gettext. The function can then add/edit/delete translations, invoking the callback with an error object and the translation table.


// Delete all keys which do not belong to the frontend
module.exports = function (gt, locale, callback) {
  const clientSideSource = '/frontend/';
  const domain = 'messages';
  const translations = gt.catalogs[locale][domain].translations;
  gt.setLocale(locale); // Needed for when getComment is called

  Object.keys(translations).forEach(ctxt => {
    Object.keys(translations[ctxt]).forEach(key => {
      const comment = gt.getComment('messages', ctxt, key);
      if (comment) {
        if (comment.reference && comment.reference.indexOf(clientSideSource) === -1) {
          delete translations[ctxt][key];

  callback(null, translations);


.option('-b, --base [path]', 'Specify path for the base language file. only take effect with -K option', '')
.option('-f, --filter <path>', 'Specify path to gettext filter')
.option('-l, --language <locale>', 'Specify the language code, eg. \'en\'')
.option('-p, --pot', 'Generate POT file.')
.option('-s, --source <path>', 'Specify path to read from')
.option('-t, --target [path]', 'Specify path to write to', '')
.option('-K, --keyasareference', 'Deal with the reference comment as a key', false)
.option('-k, --keyseparator [path]', 'Specify keyseparator you want to use, defaults to ##', '##')
.option('-P, --plurals <path>', 'Specify path to plural forms definitions')
.option('--project <project>', 'Specify the project-id-version when converting json to gettext')
.option('--quiet', 'Silence output', false)
.option('--gettextDefaultCharset', 'Default charset when parsing gettext files with gettext-parser', 'UTF-8')
.option('--skipUntranslated', 'Skip untranslated keys when converting into json', false)
.option('--splitNewLine', 'Silence output', false)
.option('--ctxSeparator [sep]', 'Specify the context separator', '_')
.option('--ignorePlurals', 'Do not process the plurals')
.option('--compatibilityJSON <ver>', "Set to 'v4' to generate i18next@21 compatible json files")
.option('--foldLength', 'Specify the character fold length for strings', 76)
.option('--noDate', 'Removes timestamp related lines from output file (POT-Creation-Date and PO-Revision-Date lines)')


This module exposes a few functions to convert json to gettext and gettext to json. It accepts the same options as the cli.

const path = require('path');
const { readFileSync, writeFileSync } = require('fs');
const {
} = require('i18next-conv');

const source = path.join(__dirname, '../locales/ua-UK/translation.json');
const options = {/* you options here */}

function save(target) {
  return result => {
    writeFileSync(target, result);

i18nextToPo('ua-UK', readFileSync(source), options).then(save('../locales/ua-UK/translation.po'));
i18nextToPot('ua-UK', readFileSync(source), options).then(save('../locales/ua-UK/translation.pot'));
i18nextToMo('ua-UK', readFileSync(source), options).then(save('../locales/ua-UK/'));

gettextToI18next('ua-UK', readFileSync('../locales/ua-UK/translation.po'), options)

All credits go to


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations.