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A collection of apps built on Electron
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electron-apps Build Status

A collection of apps built on Electron.

Adding your app

If you have an Electron application you'd like to see added, please open a pull request! All that's required is a basic YML file and a PNG icon.

Using the wizard 🔮

This repository has a CLI wizard much like npm init that you can use to generate a YML datafile for your app. To use the wizard, fork and clone this repository, then run:

npm install && npm run wizard

Adding your app by hand 💪

Another easy way to add a new app is to copy an existing app and edit its metadata.

To do so, create a new directory in the apps directory and include a .yml file and .png icon file. The directory can only contain numbers, lowercase letters, and dashes, and the yml and icon files should be named like so:

└── my-cool-app
    ├── my-cool-app-icon.png
    └── my-cool-app.yml

YML file rules:

  • name is required.
  • description is required.
  • website is required, and must be a fully-qualified URL.
  • repository is optional, but must be a fully-qualified URL if provided.
  • keywords is optional, but should be an array if provided.
  • license is optional.
  • No fields should be left blank.

Icon file rules:

  • Must be a .png
  • Must be a square
  • Must be at least 256px by 256px


npm install
npm test



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