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Inform 7 Extensions Library
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i7el - The Inform 7 Extensions Library

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An Inform 7 extensions library web service, written with node.js

Setting up an i7el installation

i7el will need a Postgresql database, and these enviroment variables set:

  • DATABASE_URL: A Postgresql database url, as provide by Heroku Postgres
  • NODE_ENV: Set to 'development' to use development options
  • PORT: Web server port
  • SITE_URL: External URL for this site

After installing sequelize-cli, use this command to create the database tables:

sequelize db:migrate

You will then need to manually create one row in the Settings table with a key of 'core' and value of the following, with your details inserted:

    "admins": ["Your email address"],
    "editors": [],
    "releases": [],
    "sessionsecret": "keyboardcat: random text for the session encryption",
    "google": {
        "key": "Your Google API key",
        "secret": "Your Google API secret"

This will allow you to log in, and you can change further settings in the admin page.

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