Provides a simple transcript of a WebVTT file for displaying onscreen.
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WebVTT Transcript


WebVTT Transcript will parse a WebVTT file allowing for its contents to be displayed on screen.


Most of the WebVTT file parsing code has been taken from Playr by delphiki.


To load a WebVTT file, all you need to do is call webvttTranscript(file, displayElement); where file is the path to the WebVTT file and displayElement is where the transcript contents are to be displayed. This is typically attached to a click event handler, for example, given the HTML:

<a id="en" href="#">English</a>
<div id="transcript"></div>

The following JavaScript might be used:

var display = document.getElementById('transcript');
document.getElementById("en").addEventListener("click", function(e) {
    webvttTranscript('subtitles-en.vtt', display);
}, false);


You can view an online example at WebVTT Transcript Example