Simplify and quasi-automate the definition of org-mode publish project definition and configuration.
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DynSite is an extension of the html publishing scheme of orgmode in Emacs, which simplifies the way that multiple projects with different configurations are defined for one or many websites.


  • Set project properties through org files.
  • Add folders and subfolders automacitally to projects.
  • Inherit project propeties in subprojects with their own configurations.
  • Simplify the addition of and switching between multiple sites (where each site contains several projects)
  • Automatically set relative paths in links of files in subprojects, to ensure access of css and other linked files.

The source code is contained in publish-setup.el

The documentation is found in (orgmode format) and in dynsite.html (html format). The html was produced by using DynSite itself. The setup is found in and config.el

To try dynsite out, put the dynsite.el file somewhere in your emacs-lisp load path, and then load this file:


Code: (load-file “config.el”)

Ioannis Zannos [2013-10-13 Sun 17:04]