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Not maintained. Use CSS Grid Layout


Create either float based grids or flexbox based grids using Sass. Why create another grid toolkit in Sass? I wanted to and I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Gridsettings uses techniques from many amazing tools and tries to keep usage similar to other systems.

  • Its only dependency is Sass
  • It uses percentage columns within a fixed width or fluid width container
  • It generates all classes based on column number and breakpoints
  • It allows you to customize grid class names
  • It provides the ability of having static width column among fluid, even in a float based grid
  • It has optional default mobile first grid settings

How to setup

There are three ways you can download Gridsettings.

To start using Gridsettings @import the _gridsettings.scss partial into your Sass project after your CSS reset.

@import "path/your-reset";

// Your settings for Gridsettings :)
// Grid Type

$float-grid: false;

$flexbox-grid: true;

// Breakpoints$screen-xs-min: 480px;

$screen-sm-min: 768px;

$screen-md-min: 992px;

$screen-lg-min: 1230px;

// Grid attributes$grid-gutter: 12px;

$grid-columns: 12;

$static-col-width: 300px;

$static-col-name: static;

$grid-col-name: col-;

$grid-xs-bp-name: xs-;

$grid-sm-bp-name: sm-;

$grid-md-bp-name: md-;

$grid-lg-bp-name: lg-;

$grid-push-name: push-;

$grid-pull-name: pull-;

$grid-offset-name: offset-;

$grid-container-name: container;

$grid-row-name: row;

$grid-container-gutter-name: #{$grid-container-name}-gutter;

$container-sm-width: 750px;

$container-sm-width: 750px;

$container-md-width: 970px;

$container-lg-width: 1200px;

@import "path/gridsettings"; // Here is the _gridsettings.scss partial

@import "path/your-styles";

How to use


<div class="container-gutter">
  <div class="container">
    <!-- Two 6/12 columns -->
    <div class="row"><div class="col-xs-6"><div class="content">Content-</div>
      <div class="col-xs-6"><div class="content">Content</div>


Sass, that's it.

Thanks and Resources


The MIT License (MIT)