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Instructions for Windows.txt


A Date With Yourself

A Date With Yourself is an interactive experience that lets you ponder the digital footprints you've left behind over the years on social media and encourages you to reflect on how you've changed as a person.

Prepare the environment

A Date With Yourself requires the following steps for being executed correctly.

1. Create your Facebook data

Go here and select the following data to download:

  • Photos
  • Messages
  • Profile Information

It's important you select All your data in Format: JSON. As lowest is the quality of the media, the fastest will download. You will receive a Facebook notification and an email when the data is ready to be download it.

Alt text

2. Download ADWY source code

By clicking on Clone or Download and Download ZIP Alt text

3. Add your facebook data into the ADWY folder

Unzip your downloaded file from facebook and add Photos, Messages and Profile_information folders into the A Date With Yourself folder you've just downloaded. The folder should look like the image below.

Alt text


The environment is ready. Now is time to execute the website.

4. Open your command console from your computer

  • Mac: Terminal
  • Windows: Cmd

5. Change your directory using cd command

Use the following command to access to the root of the project (adwy-master if you have downloaded from Github).

cd path/to/your/directory

For example:

cd Downloads/ADWY/

You can check if your in the correct folder by entering the command lsthen all the files and folders will be displayed

Alt text

6. Run the app

If you are on Mac, execute the launch.sh file by using the following command:


After a few seconds a chrome tab is gonna open with the address localhost:8000 and A Date With Yourself will appear. If you are on Windows, directly enter the list of commands mentioned in the launch.sh file into the Command Prompt. We have commented the launch.sh file for you to follow. (Refer to Instructions for Windows.txt for detailed help)

Please Note : You need to have either Python 2 or 3 installed in your machine to run ADWY.

Alt text

Stop the app

Return to the command line app and shutdown the server by pressing CTRL+C

Data privacy

This website does not store or send your data. It runs completely client side and can run even without the internet. The source code can be viewed and modified locally. The project is made for the purpose of providing insights about self-discovery and awareness.

About Us

Ashris Choudhury - ashris@mit.edu - iashris.com

Judith Sirera - jsirera@mit.edu - judithsirera.com