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Java Libra Client implementing functionality of the original Libra Rust client, see
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Java Libra Client (jlibra Showcase)

A simple showcase project for jlibra and jlibra-spring-boot-starter.
Can be used standalone, but is more targeted for demostrating the usage of the library in custom Java applications.


  • Java 8+
  • Maven 3+ (optional)


You can download the binaries and head to paragraph Run.
If you want to build an own application based on jlibra and jlibra-spring-boot-starter see paragraph Build.


Run the downloaded binary with this command in a shell:

java -jar java-libra-client-0.0-alpha-2.jar

The application should start with a jlibra splash screen and a shell.

Note: As jlibra-spring-boot-starter is used, you can just drop a file next to the jar file. The configuration of the file will then be used in the shell session. See paragraph Configuration below.

       _ ___ __
      (_) (_) /_  _________ _
     / / / / __ \/ ___/ __ `/    .: Connecting Libra to Java :.
    / / / / /_/ / /  / /_/ /
 __/ /_/_/_.___/_/   \__,_/


Once the application starts up, type help to see all commands. These commands are identical to the Rust client commands.
You can see the help for a specific command with help 'command', eg. help 'account create'.

indra:>help 'account create'

	account create - Create a random account with private/public key pair. Account information will be held in memory only. The created account will not be saved to the chain.

	account create 

	a c
	a create
	account c

Each command has a ALSO KNOWN AS section which shows aliases, so eg. account create can be abbreviated simply with a c.


There are several properties that can be configured. The current complete list is defined in the jlibra-spring-boot-starter project.


  • Clone jlibra repo: git clone -b api-demo
  • Build jlibra with mvn clean install
  • Clone jlibra-spring-boot-starter repo: git clone
  • Build jlibra-spring-boot-starter with mvn clean install
  • Clone libra-message-signing repo: git clone
  • Build libra-message-signing with mvn clean install
  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • Build java-libra-shell with mvn clean package


From the parent directory, execute the following command to start the application:

java -jar target/java-libra-cli-1.0.0.jar


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