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Icinga is a resilient, open source monitoring and metric solution system.

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Welcome to the Icinga community

At Icinga we love transparency and collaboration. Together with our community we reinvent monitoring and stretch the capabilities of Icinga. We give you the ultimate control over the software with our free and open source products. We push our code to GitHub and openly document and share our development process. Become a part of Icinga and help us create, modify and extend it!

An interconnected community

Be part of the active and global Icinga community! Ask questions, share knowledge and meet people like you. As an Open Source company we are keen on helping and inspiring each other. Join in!

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Don't forget that all participation is governed by our Code of conduct.

Learn about Icinga

Learn how to inspect your entire infrastructure with the help of our documentation, demo, FAQ, trainings and blog articles. Become an Icinga pro!

Need help from professionals?

Icinga support engineers provide world-class enterprise-grade support for every official Icinga product. We understand that each business is different, so our plans can be extended dynamically. Check out our available support plans.


  1. icinga2 icinga2 Public

    The core of our monitoring platform with a powerful configuration language and REST API.

    C++ 2k 571

  2. icingaweb2 icingaweb2 Public

    A lightweight and extensible web interface to keep an eye on your environment. Analyse problems and act on them.

    PHP 795 276

  3. icingaweb2-module-director icingaweb2-module-director Public

    The Director aims to be your new favourite Icinga config deployment tool. Director is designed for those who want to automate their configuration deployment and those who want to grant their “point…

    PHP 412 203

  4. icingadb icingadb Public

    Icinga configuration and state database supporting multiple environments

    Go 55 21

  5. icingadb-web icingadb-web Public

    Icinga DB Web – UI for Icinga DB – Provides a graphical interface to your Icinga monitoring

    PHP 63 19

  6. icinga-powershell-framework icinga-powershell-framework Public

    This PowerShell module will allow to fetch data from Windows hosts and use them for inventory and monitoring solutions. Together with the Icinga Web 2 module, a detailed overview of your Windows in…

    PowerShell 73 31


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