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This repository is the main issue tracker and support channel for

All packages build for the Icinga repository have their own packaging repository for RPM and Debian/Ubuntu builds. Though there are no longer on GitHub since we are using GitLab CI for building.

This repository is the place to file issues and requests, please open an issue.

If you have general questions you can also join the Icinga Community.

Build System

The packages are built and tested using GitLab CI, with Docker images and scripts from the Icinga Docker Build System.

Packages and Sources

All public packages are built from GIT repositories in our Icinga GitLab packaging group.

Package sources are split into several repositories, based on OS, support or update behavior.

Main Products

Package RPM Debian/Ubuntu Raspbian Windows
icinga2 rpm deb raspbian windows
icingaweb2 rpm deb raspbian
icingaweb2-module-director rpm deb

Icinga Web Modules

Package RPM Debian/Ubuntu
icingaweb2-module-audit rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-businessprocess rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-cube rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-elasticsearch rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-generictts rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-graphite rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-idoreports rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-nagvis rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-pdfexport rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-pnp rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-reporting rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-vspheredb rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-x509 rpm deb

These modules are mainly add-ons to Icinga Director:

Package RPM Debian/Ubuntu
icingaweb2-module-aws rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-fileshipper rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-puppetdb rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-vsphere rpm deb

Some modules provide libraries and no direct functionality:

Package RPM Debian/Ubuntu
icingaweb2-module-incubator rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-ipl rpm deb
icingaweb2-module-reactbundle rpm deb


Also some libraries are built a fulfill requirements, especially on older OS releases:

Package Repositories
icinga-rpm-release RPM
boost see separate documentation


Other documentation can be found in the doc directory.


Icinga software and the Icinga documentation are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2, you will find a copy of this license in the COPYING file included in the source package.