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ICON SDK for PHP (Unofficial)
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ICON SDK for PHP (Unofficial)

License: MIT

This is an unofficial SDK to communicate with the ICON JSON-RPC server, built for PHP.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee optimal performance of this software. It is provided as is and without any assurances. Use it at your own risk.


Already fully or partially supports the following JSON-RPC functions:

  • icx_getLastBlock
  • icx_getBlockByHeight
  • icx_getBlockByHash
  • icx_call
  • icx_getBalance
  • icx_getScoreApi
  • icx_getTotalSupply
  • icx_getTransactionResult
  • icx_getTransactionByHash
  • ise_getStatus
  • icx_sendTransaction --Partial support, can only send ICX for now

There is also some wallet support, see Wallet.php file for more info. More detailed documentation coming soon.


  • Usage:..
  • More tests, especially on the wallet part
  • Debug and p-rep functions seem not to be working on ICON's part atm. Will promptly update when they become available.
  • Refactoring
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