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Mar 9, 2017
Jun 17, 2015

We Love SVG is like Google Fonts but for icons. It makes it quick and easy to insert icons into web pages. It contains 9,769 icons from 30 popular icon packs.

Technology: Webicon

Webicon is a quick and lightweight way of embedding icons into HTML page

  • Embedding in less than a minute
  • Only the icons you need are loaded
  • No uploading, re-generating, or any other overhead
  • Prevents your left socks from disappearing in your washing machine

Technology: SVG Sets

SVG sets were created with svg-caster. It allows to convert SVG fonts into SVG sets. We think SVG sets are better than iconic webfonts, separate SVG or PNG sprites. Here's why.

##Icon Packs Included

  • FontAwesome
  • Icons8 Windows 10 Icons
  • Icons8 Color Icons
  • Icons8 Line Awesome Icons
  • Foundation
  • Google Material Icons
  • Glyphicons
  • Icomoon
  • Ionicons
  • WebHostingHub Glyphs
  • Entypo
  • Elusive
  • Icons8 WPF UI Framework
  • Mfglabs
  • Raphael
  • Simple Line
  • Weather
  • Ligature Symbols
  • Linecons
  • Meteocons
  • Metrize
  • Octicons
  • Iconic
  • Maki
  • OpenWeb Icons
  • Stroke 7 Icon Font Set
  • Typicons
  • Zocial
  • Brandico
  • Fontelico
  • Stateface


  • IconPharm — all icons from WeLoveSVG with the interface of Icons8. It means, you can recolor, resize, and scale the icons, generate fonts, SVG sprites, etc.

  • Sleek Logo — same as the above, but containing the icon size logotypes of the IT companies, from Facebook and Twitter to Photoshop and WordPress.


Questions or Ideas?

If you have any questions or ideas about icons, please feel free to contact us any way you'd prefer


SVG sets compilation for popular iconic projects





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