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A framework for create a language development environment using Parallels Vms.


I like play with so many languages, but the environment is a bit complex. I used using Docker, Vargrant, Vms and so on. After so many try, I think,
most I like the way is using Parallels Vms.

The traditional way to using Parallels VmS is using it with it's powerful GUI APP. (I only discuss MACX platform here.) But usually we just only need using the Vms though ssh, we didn't using the GUI APP so much. In the other hand, It's cost a bit system resouces to run the GUI APP.

After I bengin to using the powerful command prlctl, those were all changed. I didn't need to run the GUI APP so much. Unless I must to using the GUI to config my Vms(because the option of the prlctl is so comlex, I didn't know all about them, but it's enough for daily using).

why U need this runX

I using runX to set up all kinds of language development. If you like develope in a Vm, this runX is just for you.

how to Use

Below is the steps:

  • Check if your prlctl command is work well. (run prlctl list -a to list all you vms)
  • Clone this runX and set this runX direct as a shared direct with your Vm which you want to set up the environment.
  • Run prlctl exec golang 'sudo -Hiu z set_up' to setup it(this example is assume to set up a Golang development environment, and your Vm id is 'golang'). 'z' is my username, please change to yours, and be sure that your username have a sudo permission.


  • add export PRLCTL_HOME=/media/psf/runX to /etc/profile
  • auto generate a /etc/profile.d/idevz_prlctl_*.sh file for environment variables setting.

using commands

  • ./runX new golang to clone and start a new vm from your base image.
  • ./runX setup golang to set up your golang development environment base on your vm clone above.
  • ./runX ip golang can got your golang vm's ip, then use to login, or run ./runX enter golang login direct.

many wonderful things

I think there're many wonderful things of runX, at least now I had found those below:

  • some base tools like gdb, zsh and so on. we can have a base config file like .zshrc as $PRLCTL_HOME/zsh/.zshrc, and also can have the one pvm alone, like $PRLCTL_HOME/zsh/$(host)/.zshrc
  • for more in zsh, we using only one .oh-my-zsh
  • we could alawys have the basic etc-profile and etc-sudoers templete. We set Defaults env_keep += "HOME PRLCTL_HOME GIT MCODE PATH" to keep the PRLCTL_HOME GIT MCODE PATH from nomal users like z to the administration account root.
  • we setup a basic .gdbinit through the set_up shell script, provide some generic functions like sbps, rbps and so on. ${PRLCTL_HOME}/gdb/$(hostname)/$(whoami).bps is the default breakpoint saving file.


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