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Library for decoding audio recordings of magnetic stripes
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This is a library for reading magnetic stripes through PCM audio data.

As of version 1.1, it supports both the numeric-only ABA encoding as found on
track 2 of most magnetic stripe cards, and the alpha-numeric IATA encoding as
found on track 1, occasionally track 3, and other magnetic stripes such as
those found on airline boarding passes.

Additionally, for non-standard coding schemes, the raw bitstream can be
accessed to allow for the character decoding to occur elsewhere.

Included in this package:
mslib - The library
mstest - a C program to test the library with PCM audio files

mslib and mstest are tersely documented.  The latter should provide a basic
usage example.  Refer to mslib.h for additional documentation.

mslib should be compatible with any C99 implementation.
mstest should be compatible with any C99 POSIX implementation (for mmap)

To compile mslib and mstest, run "make".

For more information on how this library works, see my blog at:

Jeffrey Malone
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