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simplebb manages running builds with a distributed network of builders. Simple setup is the goal. I wrote this because I couldn't get Buildbot to do what I wanted.

Quick Start

  1. Get the code:

    $ git clone git@github.com:iffy/simplebb.git simplebb.git
  2. Install dependencies:

    $ easy_install Twisted
  3. See the build script that will take what ever version you want to build and append that version to example/project/_echo:

    $ cat example/project/echo
  4. Start a sample simplebb server:

    $ cd simplebb.git
    $ PYTHONPATH=. python example/server.py
  5. From another terminal, telnet to the server:

    $ telnet 9223
  6. Request some builds of the echo project:

    > build echo "Hello, world!"
    Build requested: 2fa067baeec87928717906efdba550e26d6d0ee8fbc727db1a2f7a7d896283cf
    > build echo another
    Build requested: 6ec610b90b7a60cfd1f0b8d8d393d657bbc535e65885282c9bb9f01735110769
    > quit
  7. See that the build script was run:

    $ cat example/projects/_echo
    built echo project version Hello, world!
    built echo project version another

What makes simplebb cool?

Everything is a builder

The server is a builder, the client is a builder, the build-step executer is a builder. Some builders simply pass on build requests to other builders. Others execute scripts.

It's distributed

If you connect a builder to a receive build requests from a remote builder, the local builder is responsible for acquiring code and defining build steps. You can report the results to the remote builder but you don't have to. If you're in QA, you could make a builder that fails every build.