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A Node.js wrapper for the Free Video Game Database API.

About IGDB

One of the principles behind is accessibility of data. We wish to share the data with anyone who wants to build cool videogame oriented websites, apps and services. This means that the information you contribute to can be used by other projects as well.

Thus, you are not only contributing to the value of this site but to thousands of other projects as well. We are looking forward to see what exciting game related projects you come up with. Happy coding!

More info here:

Installation and Setup

Via npm:

$ npm install igdb-api-node

In your code:


const igdb = require('igdb-api-node').default;

ES2015 or later:

import igdb from 'igdb-api-node';

Using your API key

  • Pass API key directly:
const client = igdb('YOUR_API_KEY');
  • OR set a process environment variable:
$ IGDB_API_KEY='YOUR_API_KEY' node yourCode.js
  • OR set a global-scope variable:
const client = igdb();


All API endpoints are available as methods on the igdb-api-node client object. Each method has the following signature:

client.endpoint(options, [fields])


  • options - An Object containing URL query parameters and values.
  • fields - An optional Array containing a list of desired response data fields.


import igdb from 'igdb-api-node';

const client = igdb('YOUR_API_KEY');{
    fields: '*', // Return all fields
    limit: 5, // Limit to 5 results
    offset: 15 // Index offset for results
}).then(response => {
    // response.body contains the parsed JSON response to this query
}).catch(error => {
    throw error;

The available endpoints are documented and available here.

The IGDB API documentation provides details on search parameters.

client.image(imageObject, [size, [fileType]])

igdb-api-node provides handy image method for converting objects with cloudinary_id properties to full image URLs.


  • imageObject - An Object with a cloudinary_id property defining an image ID.
  • size - An optional string defining an image size class. Permitted size descriptors, from smallest to largest:
    • micro - 35x35
    • thumb - 90x90
    • cover_small - 90x128
    • logo_med - 284x160
    • cover_big - 227x320
    • screenshot_med - 569x320
    • screenshot_big - 889x500
    • screenshot_huge - 1280x720
    • Append '_2x' to any size descriptor to recieve a Retina (DPR 2.0) quality image, e.g. cover_small_2x.
  • fileType - An optional string file extension for the image format desired, e.g. jpg, png, etc.


import igdb from 'igdb-api-node';

const client = igdb('YOUR_API_KEY');

    cloudinary_id: 'example-id-123'
}, 'cover_small', 'jpg'); //

More image options are available in the IGDB API documentation.

client.tagNumber(category, id)

igdb-api-node provides handy method for generating tag numbers when doing advanced filtering.


  • category - An integer representing the tag category (game, genre, theme)
  • id - The ID of the category entity


import igdb from 'igdb-api-node';

const client = igdb('YOUR_API_KEY'),
    category = 1, // Genre
    id = 5; // Shooter
client.tagNumber(1, 5); // 268435461

More tag number options and information are available in the IGDB API documentation.

More examples

import igdb from 'igdb-api-node';

const client = igdb('YOUR_API_KEY'),
    log = response => {
        console.log(response.url, JSON.stringify(response.body, null 2));

Search for up to two Atari platforms and return their names
    limit: 2,
    search: 'Atari'
}, [

Search for up to five Zelda games with release dates between 1 Jan and
31 Dec 2011, sorted by release date in descending order.
    filters: {
        '': '2010-12-31',
        '': '2012-01-01'
    limit: 5,
    offset: 0,
    order: '',
    search: 'zelda'
}, [

Search for two specific games by their IDs
    ids: [
}, [

Search for companies with 'rockstar' in their name. Return up to five
results sorted by name in descending order
    field: 'name',
    limit: 5,
    offset: 0,
    order: 'name:desc',
    search: 'rockstar'
}, [
// Grab all results using scroll API
igdb(apiKey).scrollAll('/games/?fields=name&filter[genre][eq]=7&limit=50') // Pass URL
.then(response => {
    // response = Array of all game objects