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Downloading the code

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First step is to download Jarbunq to the environment where you plan to have it running:

$ git clone

Or if for some reason you can't use GIT, then simply download the ZIP file and unpack it on the desired folder. Please note that if you choose the ZIP-way, then it's gonna be slightly more difficult for you to keep track of updates.

Creating your private settings

After you have the code cloned or unzipped, create a file settings.private.json. This is where you'll later define all the settings to customise the service to your needs. There's a settings.private.json.sample file included that you can use as a template.

Installing the dependencies

The dependencies (/node_modules) are not included with the repository, so you have to install them:

$ make update

Or if you don't have make...

$ npm install

Now you can proceed to the OAuth2 and API key instructions...

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