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PDF 417 barcode generator

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This project is no longer maintained

I have moved on from PHP and this project will no longer be updated. If you wish to continue the legacy, please fork the project.

For a maintaned Python implementation check out ihabunek/pdf417-py.

-- Ivan


Requires the following components:

  • PHP >= 5.4
  • PHP extensions: bcmath, fileinfo, gd


Add it to your composer.json file:

composer require bigfish/pdf417

Usage overview

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use BigFish\PDF417\PDF417;
use BigFish\PDF417\Renderers\ImageRenderer;
use BigFish\PDF417\Renderers\SvgRenderer;

// Text to be encoded into the barcode
$text = 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur
imperdiet sit amet magna faucibus aliquet. Aenean in velit in mauris imperdiet
scelerisque. Maecenas a auctor erat.';

// Encode the data, returns a BarcodeData object
$pdf417 = new PDF417();
$data = $pdf417->encode($text);

// Create a PNG image
$renderer = new ImageRenderer([
    'format' => 'png'

$image = $renderer->render($data);

// Create an SVG representation
$renderer = new SvgRenderer([
    'color' => 'black',

$svg = $renderer->render($data);


Renders the barcode to an image using Intervention Image

Render function returns an instance of Intervention\Image\Image.


Option Default Description
format png Output format, one of: jpg, png, gif, tif, bmp, data-url
quality 90 Jpeg encode quality (1-10)
scale 3 Scale of barcode elements (1-20)
ratio 3 Height to width ration of barcode elements (1-10)
padding 20 Padding in pixels (0-50)
color #000000 Foreground color as a hex code
bgColor #ffffff Background color as a hex code


$pdf417 = new PDF417();
$data = $pdf417->encode("My hovercraft is full of eels");

// Create a PNG image, red on green background, extra big
$renderer = new ImageRenderer([
    'format' => 'png',
    'color' => '#FF0000',
    'bgColor' => '#00FF00',
    'scale' => 10,

$image = $renderer->render($data);

The data-url format is not like the others, it returns a base64 encoded PNG image which can be used in an image src or in CSS. When you create an image using this format:

$pdf417 = new PDF417();
$data = $pdf417->encode('My nipples explode with delight');

$renderer = new ImageRenderer([
    'format' => 'data-url'
$img = $renderer->render($data);

You can use it directly in your HTML or CSS code:

<img src="<?= $img->encoded ?>" />

And this will be rendered as:

<img src=".... " />


Without these pages, implementation of this project would have been much harder: